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I grew up in Toronto…

… in a house on Carmichael Avenue in the Ledbury Park/Armour Heights neighbourhood and I am definitely an urban guy with a love and passion for the outdoors.  Like a lot of people, we had a family cottage where all of our summers were spent.  Our cottage was more of a cabin in the woods and was located right on the beautiful Muskoka River.  My father built a sizeable full-scribe scandinavian log cabin with a 2nd floor bedroom loft and a 2000 sq ft wrap around deck.  As much as I hated leaving all my friends behind in the city, the only thought i had during the school year was what would be the first thing I would do upon arriving up north for the summer.

Fast forward to now and not much has changed.

Since 2004, I help my clients buy and sell Real Estate in Toronto.  Although I believe I am among the best Realtors in the city it’s consistently reinforced by the feedback I receive from my clients and repeat business their satisfaction brings.  I love selling Real Estate. It’s not easy and requires hard work.  I strive to bring my clients the best service possible and it shows in the results i achieve for them.  I don’t start at 9:00am or shut down at 5:00pm like most people, it’s usually more like 7:00am until midnight 7 days a week but this is what is required in order to provide not 5 but 6 star service daily.

The wilderness is my second passion.  I love living in the heart of a big city like Toronto and do so currently in a house in Leslieville and formally in a Hard Loft on Queen East but also I like being in the remote northern wilderness of Canada.  Five week canoe expeditions in Northern Labrador, white river canoeing near the North Shore of Lake Superior, and waterfowl hunting on the Notawasaga River is just mentioning a few past trips.  This is the “play” side of things but there is no shortage of work on trips like these.  Going to remote locations in Canada to experience raw wilderness requires an intense amount of planning and hard manual labor in the field and I love every minute of it.  Not a lot of people do these kind of tips because they are too hard or its easier to do a trip everyone else does –  just like Selling Real Estate you have those who do the bare minimum or just go the easy route but I much prefer to do what no one else does and go to the extreme. 

A great saying I heard sums it up nicely “if you think hiring a professional is expensive try hiring an amateur”