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MLS Listings FAIL #10

Well if this doesn’t make you shake your head then ill shake it twice as much for you.   Listed for $344,900, description reads “Wow ! Location ** Almost Brand New Luxury Landmark Community Tridel West Villiage Condo !!”

Not a bad idea to have this photo sent to showing agents via email in advance of their appointment but NOT as the cover picture of the MLS listing.  2 MAJOR issues are that 1. this does absolutely zero to promote or advertise the property and 2. it’s definitely a security issue.

“Wow” is right.


Nice photoshop skilz
Nice photoshop/MS Paint skilz

MLS Listings FAIL #9

Not a crazy expensive condo listing, for Toronto that is ($284,000) and seeing a “Coming Soon” image like this in the absence of photos is not uncommon within the first 24 hours of a property going to market.  This listing however has been for sale on MLS for 40 days!!!!  “Coming Soon” you say? yeah so is Christmas!


Why the hell is this image such a weird shape too?